The NSYF Board consists of 7 elected members.  Directors are elected bi-annually by the members at the Annual Meeting.  Below is a list of current NSYF Board Members.

Director – Rebecca O’Connell [President] Chair

Director – Larry Weatherby Jr. [Vice-President]

Director – Brooke McNeil [Secretary]

Director – Alana Bent  [Treasurer]

Director – Jillian Bent [Western Region]

Director – Jonathan Waugh [Central Region]

Director – Amanda Vosman [Eastern Region]

Nicolas Roy [Past President]



President (Chair) – Rebecca O’Connell

Upper Stewiacke, NS

Rebecca grew up on a small beef farm in the Stewiacke Valley, where she was also involved in the 4-H program from age 7 thru 21. Through 4-H, Rebecca completed projects including foods, photography, goat, beef, dairy, poultry, market turkey, and Jr Leader. Rebecca held executive positions in her club, and during her Sr years, participated in various Club and County level committees, and took advantage of several travel and scholarship opportunities through the program. Rebecca received a B.Sc(Agr) Business and minor in Animal Science from Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture in 2104. In her time at the AC, Rebecca played on the women’s basketball team, sat on Fraser House Council, and was a VP on the Students’ Association, helping organize student activities and enhance the student community on campus.

Since graduation, Rebecca has worked full-time at Truro Agromart Limited in sales support, receivables, communications and marketing. At the Agromart, Rebecca and her co-workers (most of whom have farm businesses of their own at home) supply crop inputs and agronomic services to producers all over NS and NL, from berry growers to dairy farmers. In January 2017, Rebecca and her partner Alex Archibald purchased her grandparents’ dairy farm under the DFNS New Entrant Program and moved back home to the Stewiacke Valley. Alex works on the farm, Valleyside Holsteins Ltd., full-time. Rebecca, 5 th generation on the farm, and Alex milk about 40 (mostly) purebred Holsteins in the original tie-stall barn that was first constructed in 1940. Rebecca & Alex like to show a few cattle at the Halifax County Exhibition each year.

Between work and farming, Rebecca enjoys being involved in the greater agriculture industry. She
remains connected to the AC campus as a Director on the Students’ Association Board, sits on the Ag
Awareness Committee as the DFNS representative, sits as a Director on the Central Nova Holstein Club,
and now most recently a Director on the NS Young Farmers board. She is very passionate about
agriculture as a whole and takes any chance she can to help educate consumers, and also learn from
them and fellow farmers!



Vice-President – Larry Weatherby Jr.

Truro, NS

Larry was born and raised on a family beef farm in Harmony, NS. Here with his father and brother they operate a 150 head, cow calf operation. Larry has also begun his own herd, and is currently sitting at 20 head of cattle. An active member of the Nova Scotia Cattle Producers, Cape John Community Pasture, as well as a volunteer firefighter with the Salmon River Fire Brigade – Larry has sat on the NSYF board for two years and has been involved in the organization since 2014.














Secretary – Brooke McNeil

Hantsport, NS

Growing up in Hantsport, NS, Brooke always had a passion for animals, and as a result of her upbringing has developed a passion for agriculture as well. Although she didn’t grow up on a farm, Brooke immersed herself in the industry through her involvement with 4-H, her work experiences and from attending Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture (Dal AC).

Since the age of 7, Brooke has been actively participating in 4-H and has taken a wide variety of both life skills and livestock projects. This year alone she is completing Dairy, Beef and The Great Outdoors projects. Over the years, Brooke has sat on numerous 4-H committees and councils such as the Hants County 4-H Council and the 2015 NS 4-H Show Planning Committee. Her experience doesn’t stop there, she has worked various agricultural related jobs as well such as; a farm hand at a horse stable and a farm market and as a summer student with the Hants County Exhibition. She has also worked as a summer student at Dal AC, last summer as a plant science student and this summer in the Ruminant Animal Centre.

This busy bee doesn’t stop there! Brooke has kept busy during her time at the Dal AC campus, participating in College Royal, as an animal science representative on the student representative council, chairing the Agrology Club and much more! In the fall she will be starting her fourth year of an Animal Science honours degree with a minor in plant science.



Treasurer – Alana Bent

Middleton, NS

Hi, my name is Alana Bent and I’m from a dairy farm in the Annapolis Valley. I’m 23 years old and just completed a bachelor of agricultural sciences with a major in Plant sciences. I currently work for the Truro Agromart as a sales representative as well as helping my family on the farm. I have been involved in my local 4-H program for over 10 years. I’m really excited to be a part of the Nova Scotia young farmers, it will be my second year as a member and a director. My goals are to bring more awareness to the group and have a more active membership especially from the Valley region.









Western Region – Jillian Bent

Middleton, NS

Hello, my name is Jillian Bent and I grew up on my family’s dairy farm in the Annapolis Valley. With my agricultural roots, I decided to attend Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, majoring in Agricultural Business and double minoring in Agricultural Economics and Plant Science. After graduating university, I travelled to New Zealand to work on a dairy farm that milked 540 cows for five months and explored the country on my days off. After my time abroad, I have now settled back down on my family’s dairy farm where we milk 110 cows, with plans to eventually own the farm alongside my older brother. This is my first year as a young farmer’s member, as well as being a director and I am excited to be a part of it!





Central Region – Jonathan Waugh

Antigonish, NS

My name’s Jonathan Waugh and I’m a dairy farmer from Nova Scotia. We milk 175 Holsteins and crop 800 acres. I graduated from the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture in 2017 earning my Diploma in Business Management, specializing in Dairy Farming. This is my third year being involved in the NSYF organization and second year being a member of the board.










Eastern Region – Amanda Vosman

Antigonish, NS

Following her parents footsteps, Mandy graduated from NSAC in 2010 with a B.Sc. (Agr.) majoring in Environmental Sciences. Growing up on a dairy farm ingrained agriculture in her DNA, making the university (now Dal-AC) an obvious choice. Following graduation Mandy worked in agri-research before returning to the AC for a few years in student recruitment. She enjoyed working with the “future in agriculture” but decided to return to school to pursue further studies. She now is currently finishing up her M.Sc. with a focus on reducing N losses from agro-ecosystems at St.F.X. Mandy and her husband Will own and operate Trivee Farms in Antigonish. They both have a strong passion for the industry and feel very fortunate to raise their family on their dairy farm.





Past President – Nicolas Roy

Fort Ellis, NS

Nicolas graduated from NSAC in 2006 with BSc. (Agri) Business Major & Animal Science Minor. Immediately following he worked for 2 years on the family farm, before moving on to work in agricultural construction, Valacta doing milk recording on dairy farms across NS and parts of NB, contracting as a custom operator in crop planting, forage harvesting, blueberry harvester operator, farm management relief and snow grooming. His focus then moved to agricultural service and robotics in dairy and vegetable commodities. His experience focused as a Milking System Analyst & Robotic Specialist in DeLaval and Lely equipment. Agriculture has been a passion of his throughout his life while spending many years on his family’s dairy, broiler, beef, feeders, fruit & feed crop farm in the Annapolis Valley. His involvement with the NSYFF goes back to 2005 while holding a board position since 2013.






Past NSYF Board Members

2015-2018 – Sarah Greeno

2015-2017 – Cody Legge

2013-2017 – Josh Greeno

2015-2017 – Jessie Swinamar

2015-2016 – John Oostvogels

2010-2016 – Philip Keddy

2013-2014 – Jaclyn Mosher

2011-2014 – Pam Bailey

2014 – Amy Atwell

2013 – David Brennan

2010-2012 – Colin Brown

2011-2012 – Katie Keddy

2011-2012 – Kyley Cole

2010-2012 – Melissa Fulton

2007-2010 – Nathan Greeno

2009-2010 – Janette McDonald

2010 – Jason Van der Linden

2007-2009 – Justin Beck

2008-2009 – Evan Biggs

2008-2009 – Shawna Bervkens

2008-2009 – Heather Fulton

2007 – Ian Richardson

2007 – Teresa VanOostrum

2007 –  Mathrew Reeves

2007 – Alicia King




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