Training and Education

Training and education are important to young farmers as they develop their farm businesses, and the agriculture industry as a whole. Formal education, as well as extension training and service are essential to keep young farmers efficient, effective, and forward-thinking. Incentive programs for education would help to ensure a progressive agriculture industry through the efforts of young farmers.

Farm Transfers & Succession Planning

The largest transfer of wealth in our history will take place over the next several decades. Support us needed to facilitate this transfer between generations in a way that benefits the agriculture industry and the rural economy.

Young Farmer Voice

Support is needed for young farmer organizations as they fulfill an important role of identifying challenges and developing solutions that work for young and beginning farmers. This kind of perspective is important not only for new policy direction specific to young farmers, but on all areas of agriculture policy that impact the future of a young farmer’s livelihood.

Agriculture Awareness

Public support of the agriculture industry is essential to the long term viability of Nova Scotian food producers. Young farmers recognize the important role that agriculture awareness plays in their future success.

Long-term Viability & Stability of the Agriculture Industry

A comprehensive agriculture policy is needed to articulate Nova Scotia’s vision for the future of the industry. Issues like food security, financial stability, domestic production and commitment to the future of agriculture in Nova Scotia need to be addressed.

NSYF Strategic Plan [PDF]

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