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Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture Presents Forum on Agriculture, Food and Health

On June 19 – 21, 2013 key players from the Atlantic region will gather together on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus to explore the ways that our agricultural and food systems can be re-invented to improve the health of Atlantic Canadians.

Cultivating Agriculture, Food and Health will challenge participants to identify actions to better link agriculture, food and health, with a focus on improving outcomes for Atlantic Canadians. While the creation of new ideas within one field may be limited, opportunities to innovate are multiplied when players from different fields intersect. Cultivating Agriculture, Food and Health will create a space for intersections between the agriculture, food and health sectors and stimulate the kind of in-depth discussions required to work towards a common goal.

The driving force behind the forum is the recognition that while food and nutrition are now linked firmly to health, and while there are many organizations currently weighing in on the discussion of agriculture, food and health, there is still work to do in order to bring commercial agriculture and primary food production into the discussion.

Downtime is limited in a two-and-a-half day program dedicated to the rigorous sharing of ideas, insights and experiences. The first two days feature a demanding, high-value schedule of thought-provoking presentations and discussions with leaders in their fields.

On Thursday evening participants will be challenged by a special public talk on the theme “Change Dinner, Change Health, Change Atlantic Canada,” with Ellen Gustafson, Co-Founder of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank. On Friday the intense program will continue with a talk and open discussion with Ms. Gustafson, and conclude with a facilitated session on “Building Bridges.”

The unique feature of the forum is that participants will work with co-influencers from across sectors to identify ways to more effectively collaborate and move initiatives forward. Facilitated sessions and post-forum follow-up and support will help participants formulate and then implement ideas and strategies generated in the forum.

The registration fee is $295 plus HST and the deadline for registration is June 7, 2013. For more information, please contact Extended Learning at the Faculty of Agriculture at 902-893-6666, or visit the forum website at:

2013 Nova Scotia Young Farmers Giant Pumpkin Contest

The Nova Scotia Young Farmers invite you to participate in the 2013 Giant Pumpkin Contest.


1.     Entries will be accepted by posting a picture of your pumpkin seed or seedling on the NSYF Facebook page by June 9, 2013;

2.     Entrants must post an updated picture each month which demonstrates the growth of their pumpkin;

3.     Pumpkins must be weighed on October 1, 2013;

4.     The heaviest pumpkin will be declared the winner;

5.     The winner may choose to paddle their pumpkin in the annual Windsor Pumpkin Regatta, NSYF will pay the entrance fee;

6.     Additional prizes will be provided to first, second and third place

Homegrown Success Programs to Open June 3, 2013

Program Announcement

Growing Forward 2/ Homegrown Success Program will open for application on Monday, June 3rd. 

Growing Forward 2 is the next 5 year commitment by the federal, provincial and territorial governments to ensure productivity and profitability for Canada’s agricultural sector. With a focus on innovation, competitiveness, and market development.   To read the provincial press release from today’s announcement, visit:

There will be information sessions held on Monday, June 3 in an area near you.  The information sessions will be held via video equipment on at one of the locations listed below:

  • Truro, Best Western Glengarry, 7 pm
  • Amherst, Wandlynn Inn, 2 pm
  • Antigonish, Dept. of Agriculture Boardroom, 190 Beech Hill Rd., 2 pm
  • Pictou, Pictou County Wellness Centre, 7 pm (Advocate Room, 2756 Westville Rd.)
  • Mabou, Mabou Fire Hall, Rte. 19,  2 pm
  • North Sydney,CB Richmond Federation Building,105 Regent St., North Sydney, 7 pm
  • Yarmouth,NSCC Burridge Campus (room B147), 2 pm
  • Weymouth,Weymouth Library meeting room, 2 pm
  • Lawrencetown,NSCC Lawrencetown (COGS) in A/V room, 7 pm
  • Kentville, Cornwallis Room, Agricultural Centre,32 Main Street, 2 pm and 7 pm

Program guidebooks will not be printed or distributed.  You could obtain a copy from your regional office (contact information listed below) or watch for the program website to be updated with the 2013/14 program guidelines.

Regional office contacts for Homegrown Success and the new GF2 programing are:

NSYF Contact

60 Research Drive
Perennia Innovation Park
Bible Hill, Nova Scotia
B6L 2R2

Tel: (902) 893-2293
Fax: (902) 893-7063

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